SENTEC ING. has all the skills necessary to organize and follow up worksites, in SEVESO environments or outside the plants.

Employees are trained to draft and review the risk analysis and to manage prevention plans. The purpose of this preparation stage is to minimise coactivity between the companies and to list the risks and prevention measures rolled out.

The worksite monitoring may include monitoring tools for progress, worksite statistics and also the control and preparation of work permits.

phase de projet 4

Worksite planning and site preparation

Worksite Planning and Preparation Services

  • Follow-up of the external operators planning, availabilities and possible operations on site
  • Follow-up of supplies and prefabrication
  • Worksite organisation and planning, management of access, worksite layout and traffic flow
  • Communication of the site safety rules to external operators
  • Definition of safety requirements related to worksites
  • Management of coactivities between the operators and of work stages on site, definition of material and organisational measures
  • Drafting and management of specific or temporary prevention plans, report and spreading of the prevention plans

Examples of deliverables

  • Preparation schedule and supplies
  • Integration of the external operators’ schedule
  • Reports relating to prefabrication visit, reports relating to the progress of preparations
  • Prevention plans, associated documents and appendices

Worksite monitoring

Worksite monitoring Services

  • Active participation in organisation, implementation and management of the prevention plans required for the different stages of the project
  • Worksite organisation and planning, daily follow-up of the schedule, possible stopgap measures to achieve the objectives
  • Organising and conducting weekly progress meetings
  • Carrying out the initial and final acceptance of the work and modification
  • Coordination of interfaces on site
  • Management of coactivity on site
  • Technical advice
  • Follow-up and implementation of the specific documents relating to the worksite progress
  • Checking the physical progress at the end of the month, with assistance in technical deliveries, for monthly and final statements
  • Management of irregularities, modification tracking and reporting
  • Worksite statistics monitoring (hours worked, employees on the worksite, number of companies, safety indicators follow-up)

Examples of deliverables

  • Work permits
  • Specific or temporary prevention plans, with associated appendices
  • Meeting reports
  • Progress reports, specific documents relating to the work progress
  • Worksite statistics report
  • Implementation schedule

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