SENTEC ING. can work from the preliminary study, in order to formalise the need, taking into account all the requirements of the customer relating to production, safety, quality and health.

The issues of the project are defined jointly with the customer and SENTEC ING. provides one or several technical solutions..

Then SENTEC ING. carries out the first process studies in order to set the design basis of the modifications that will be made on the installations.

phase de projet 1

Feasibility Studies


  • Integration of the project baseline data
  • Technical and financial feasibility study
  • Technical solutions comparison
  • Feasibility issues

Examples of deliverables

  • Feasibility technical data sheet
  • Schedule and basic costing

Process Design


  • Suggestions and technical expert report for the design or modification of industrial installations
  • Definition of the objectives (capacity, productivity, safety, regulation, quality…)
  • Process design, coordination with the operation, quality and safety departments of the site, report of the needs and requirements relating to the project
  • Chemical engineering equipment calculation
  • Assistance in determining and dimensioning of the process safety devices
  • Determining and dimensioning of networks
  • Technical report of the planned new installations, report of the impacts of the project on the site
  • Functional design of the planned installations
  • Determining the materials to implement
  • Consideration of the projects which run simultaneously or may have an impact on the studies

Examples of deliverables

  • Process specifications for new installations or modified units
  • Summary of baseline data
  • Process specifications for chemical engineering materials, sheet metal devices or instruments
  • Calculation data sheet for pressure loss, dimensioning of liquid or gas networks with several branches
  • Modelling of networks
  • Projects PID and UID, process diagrams
  • Functional description of the new installations
  • Operating and safety matrix for the new installations
  • Operating flowchart, operating explanatory diagram

Our fields of Activity

Sentec Ing supports you throughout your projects, from the initial feasibility stages to the technical reception and commissioning of the new installations.
We offer support and technical expertise, tailored to your needs, on all our missions.