Preliminary designs are carried out to determine the optimal technical solution for the project and to define a budget and a schedule for the studies and the execution.

SENTEC ING. carries out preliminary designs according to the accuracy required by the customer, as this pre-study aims to understand as best possible the following part of the project relating to technical requirements, budget and schedule.

phase de projet 2

Basic Engineering Design

Basic Engineering Design Services

  • Definition of the objectives for the project jointly with the customer
  • Determining the major modifications to carry out, highlighting the technical requirements to reach the objectives
  • Definition of the main materials for the project
  • Comparison of several technical solutions
  • Consideration of the regulatory requirements

Examples of deliverables

  • Note technique de synthèse d’avant-projet sommaire
  • Réquisitions techniques de matériels génie chimique, équipement chaudronné ou instrument
  • PID et UID projets
  • Plans de principe d’implantation et d’isométrie
  • Logigramme de fonctionnement, schémas explicatifs de fonctionnement
  • Planning prévisionnel d’études, planning prévisionnel de projet
  • Budget + / – 30%

Front end Engineering Design

Front end Engineering Design

  • Confirmation of the objectives of the project relating to production, safety, quality, regulation, ergonomics…
  • Determining all the technical modifications that allow to reach the objectives
  • Determining the technical details relating to design
  • Consideration of the installation requirements relating to the equipment, skid or other units
  • Pre-consultation with suppliers

Examples of deliverables

  • Technical data sheet relating to the front end engineering design
  • Technical requisitions for chemical engineering materials, tank or instruments, form for consultation with suppliers
  • Detailed PID and UID projects
  • Layout study for critical equipment or pipes
  • Inventory of materials, equipment, valves, pipes (listing)
  • General principles for the functioning of new installations
  • Safety matrix
  • Utility balance
  • Waste balance
  • Detailed schedule for the studies
  • Detailed schedule for the project
  • Budget +/- 20%

Our fields of Activity

Sentec Ing supports you throughout your projects, from the initial feasibility stages to the technical reception and commissioning of the new installations.
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